My name is Saskia and I am so happy to be part of Pferdekram as a brand ambassador.

The love for horses was practically laid in my cradle, as my mother always had horses. In the meantime, three wonderful horses belong to our family: Coco (Dutch Pony mix), Médoc (New Forest Pony) and Lily (Irish Sports Horse).

Together we can be found regularly at show jumping and in the meantime also at eventing competitions. In the fall of 2020, I was also able to acquire the jumping license with Lily. 

Variety is very important to me when working with my horses and so, in addition to jumping, dressage and long rides, ground work, tricks, free work and a lot of fun are part of it. Médoc now knows over 20 tricks and is always learning more with great pleasure and the other two also know some tricks.

Besides horses, photography and videography is a very big passion of mine. I love to be in front of the camera as well as behind it. I love to capture the power and elegance of horses, as well as the harmonious connection between horse and owner.

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My name is Eva and I am Greek Italo-Swabian. My partner lured me to beautiful Switzerland a few years ago and here I fell in love with the country and its people. The mountains, the good food, the great wine and the nice Swiss people - what more do you need? Horses, of course! And as you can already guess: I love to spend my free time with my horse Unesco and his buddies in the stable. 

I am the typical recreational rider and confess that...
1. I didn't start taking riding lessons until I was an adult. Thus, I am not a dressage, jumping, flying unicorn crack. I don't want to be! My goal is simple: to care for, train and ride my horse in a healthy way. The fun for my horse and me must not come too short. We like to take part in courses, but also in fun tournaments, gymkhanas and patrol rides,

2. my little Spaniard Unesco is not a walla-walla-wonder-lamp-stomping-horse, but rather the type: lovable macho rascal. He is even in use as a J+S horse and is a good teacher for the kids, 3. I have a soft spot for equine DIY projects, fun hacks and pretty horse stuff. 4. my middle name is "try-it-out-never-hurts." I love testing new technologies, products and concepts and am open to innovation and fresh ideas! That's why I'm very happy to represent horse stuff as a brand ambassador!

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